front-2sWe are the Senior Care or SenCare for short.We are a website that will link a senior citizen to a needed medical equipment that the senior may need. We have specialized wheelchairs, walkers, canes. We have oxygen systems, suction machines, ventilators that will help the senior breath. Just register into website, kindly place in your name and telephone or mobile phone number and our representatives will call and try to match with a medical equipment they may need. We will ask the senior specific questions like problems they have.

We will also ask special preferences so that we will be able to get the desired medical equipment the senior would want. We will then send pictures of the medical equipment via viber or email so they can appreciate the medical equipment. We will be as detailed as possible. We only want the best for the senior citizen so getting the need and preferences of the senior is very important. After matching them with the medical equipment, they may then purchase through a credit card or deposit to our accounts in BDO or BPI.

We will ask senior also to viber or email the scan copy of their senior citizen card or any valid ID that will indicate the birth so that we can give all the discounts for the senior.After receipt of the payment and identification card we will then send the medical equipment to the senior for free using the reputable freight forwarders who have services to the address of the senior citizen. We only want to give the best medical equipment for the seniors. Our only desire is to make the senior citizen happy with a medical equipment that will try to make their lives as normal as possible.